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We answer the hard questions crypto investors have about their taxes by providing easy to understand educational material from expert crypto tax professionals.

Our Mission

We equip investors with tools to protect their digital assests from centralized cryptocurrency regulations through legal tax saving strategies so that they pay minimal taxes with maximum peace of mind.

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Community Support

Crypto taxes frequently raise complex questions for investors, making it hard for them to answer independently. As a result, our crypto tax professionals are committed to providing in-depth explanations that other learning platforms do not. Every new customer can experience this through complimentary tickets to our annual Crypto Tax Summit, weekly news updates, live Q&A videos, checklists, and more.

Tax saving results

The belief that cryptocurrencies and NFTs on decentralized exchanges are safe from IRS regulations is false. As centralized cryptocurrency laws and regulations increase, so too is the number of eyes on current crypto investors and the threat of a crypto crackdown. We have found that sound crypto tax strategies can render the same reduced tax bill that investors desire, however, with far less criminal risk.

Easy Learning

Taxes are hard. That’s why we use simple formats, wording, and various visual, hands-on, and audio learning materials to tailor to investors with all learning styles and at different levels. Simply stated, we make do-it-yourself crypto taxes less of a headache and more straightforward.

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Bitcoin Breakthrough

did you trigger crypto taxes in the united states?

Essentially, any event that triggers either a capital gain or loss is a taxable event. Eventually

mining cryptocurrency

The act of validating the blockchain and creating coins using computers and computer equipment is taxable.

receiving payments in cryptocurrency

Accepting cryptocurrency as a form of compensation or as a gift or reward is considered taxable income and is taxable.

Donating cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency donated to charities that don't meet 501c3 qualifications is taxable.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

An ICO is the crypto world's equivalent of an IPO and is a taxable event.

spending cryptocurrency

Accepting cryptocurrency as a form of compensation is considered taxable income and is taxable.

staking cryptocurrency

Similar to a bank CD, investors pledging a portion of their coins to the blockchain resulting in them earning interest or additional coins are taxed.

trading cryptocurrency

Buying and trading coins based of future value speculations in a short time period is taxable.

converting cryptocurrency

Converting one coin into another triggers capital gains and losses making it a taxable event.

hard forks cryptocurrency

When the technical protocol for a coin changes it sometimes creates new coins that are issed to current coin holders creating a taxable event.

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