Are you interested in cryptocurrency? With all of the of the buzz happening in the news right now around Bitcoin. People are starting to wonder if they’re missing out on something. That’s because there are tremendous opportunities in the digital asset / cryptocurrency / Bitcoin arena right now. Everyone is beginning to want to know what it is, where it came from, how to buy and use it and the list of questions continue. Having followed Bitcoin since its creation in 2009, it’s exciting to see cryptocurrency conversations being held more regularly.

This cryptocurrency and blockchain eBook store was created to help educate those who are new to crypto and veterans in the game, learn everything from how to buy, make money, and file crypto taxes. Our eEook store will provide the information you need to strategically invest and confidently lead the next cryptocurrency conversation with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Here at Element Eight Business Services LLC, we help cryptocurrency investors and potential investors file taxes, understand different opportunities to earn money with cryptocurrency, and learn how to utilize cryptocurrency best practices; so that they can invest legally and knowledgeably while building their legacy.

We also specialize in helpingecommerce entrepreneurs increase their cash flow by 10%-20%, meet their sales tax obligations, reduce their tax liability by 10k-50k and provide accurate financial information which helps them make better long- and short-term decisions that enables them to launch new lines of business, new products, and converting marketing campaigns.

cryptocurrency taxes

Cryptocurrency is a new asset class that while being very lucrative causes a lot of questions and red flags among big businesses and the IRS. We will help you mitigate those headaches; so that you can focus your time and attention on other opportunities.

cryptocurrency educator

We understand that learning cryptocurrency can seem complex. With the industry being so new and volatile, it can be dizzying to wrap your head around not only cryptocurrency but blockchain technology too. Which is why we’ve extended our services to include one-on-one personal education and walk through demonstrations on everything from how to store it down to taxation for new and serious investors.