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Yes, taxes suck! However, we understand that you don't have to avoid claiming assets to lower your tax bill.

As a former tax professional for one of the largest tax firms, I witnessed firsthand how frustrating taxes are for people. Unfortunately, with our current questionable crypto tax policys and regulations, the frustration and confusion have multiplied for taxpayers, specifically digital investors.

Our learning material helps crypto investors file their crypto taxes themselves with clarity and confidence, not confusion. Our team also offers expert crypto tax services for investors in need of direction. In the beginning years of crypto, it was not always clear to investors what their tax obligations were. In recent years, we’ve only seen any guidance on crypto tax regulation.

As a result, many investors who started early and those just beginning are often left scratching their heads come tax season. We help them understand their capital gains and losses, centralize their financial information from different platforms, determine their accounting method, record their cost basis, incorporate tax-saving strategies year round, claim past-year cryptocurrency, and so much more.

As Congress and statesmen deliberate digital currency policies, it is the perfect time for crypto newbies to set a strong foundation of crypto tax practices and for crypto veterans to get their ducks in a row before the IRS crackdown reaches their front door.

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